Rise Like a Phoenix From The Ashes

To quote Kelly Clarkson, ” “I’m sorry I can’t hug you. 2020 is a trashcan.” 

Well, if that doesn’t just sum it all up, right? And, take it from us, my #farmboy and I,

are in the restaurant/bar industry. Trashcan does not even begin to describe it. Trashcan, full of poo poo, lit on fire and dumped into a beautiful clean river. Maybe that is more accurate for us.

And let me start with, …I am NOT a pollyanna. I don’t just walk around stupidly, blissfully happy for no reason with rainbows and glitter coming outta’ my butt. I have it in me to fall hard and deep and fast into despair and negativity. #Truth. “I get it from my Mama.”

But, in the middle of all of this doo I realized I have 2 options. 1.) Eat and drink myself into oblivion while I sit and watch Netflix all day, crying and complaining. 2.) Find and hold on to joy at all costs. And, to not let it stop there. But, to share joy as well! To find a way to assist others who might be struggling. To build an actual REVOLUTION.

A Revolution of Joy!

To be an element of change for the positive and to build a community of Joy Warriors!

See, it is all in how we pick ourselves up from a struggle that really shows the kind of person we are. Are we influenced by the energy in the room, or are WE the influencer? That is totally up to us.

I know….it is not possible all the time. Sometimes we just NEED to wallow. It helps us get ready for the rebirth that is to come. It is allowed. As long as we do not stay there. As long as while wallowing we are not putting others down or harming anyone. As long as we know deep down that it is just a momentary blip on the radar, and that we WILL rise again…Rise better and stronger. All is ok!

I worry about dying. I do not want to die. EVER. Like EVER EVER. And, sometimes when I think about passing on I think about what my legacy will be. Will I be remembered as a good person? A caring person? A person who made a difference somewhere to someone? And that is when I am reminded of my need to rise up. To face the day with a smile…even if I feel like hating everyone around me. To lift someone else up that might not have the where with all to make it happen for themselves.

I want to leave a legacy of heartfelt reaching out. We, after all, are all humans. And we all share the same common elements….the need to feel safe, have basic needs met. We all feel pain, shame, worry and the desire to be loved. So, when one of us is hurting, we all hurt.

So, I challenge you to…#payitforward #makejoyhappen#bethechange #jointhejoyrevolution

Compliment a stranger. Call a long lost friend. Reach out to someone you know who has had some challenging times. Even if you yourself are feeling a little blue. Surprisingly, it is a win win. You will be overwhelmed by how quickly your sadness can turn around just by sharing a little sunshine with someone else.

If you are as old as dirt like me, you might remember the commercial…”you tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends…and so on and so on…” Well, that is how The Joy Revolution works.

Go out. Share joy with 2 people. And then challenge them to share joy with 2 more people. Ask them to Join the Revolution and become a Joy Warrior.

“Rise Like a Phoenix out of the Ashes!”

Much love,


ps…if you are feeling too blue to be a Warrior, email me. I will be there for you.

pss….I have started a website that shares many of my favorite things…things that make me happy. I would love for you to follow…www.theallisonjoy.com And, I would love for you to share with me your favorite things!

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