I woke up last week and realized that 2019 was here. 

I know, I know…it has already been around for a few weeks. But, let’s say last week I became WOKE. (Not in the sense that I am now politically aware, but just that I became personally aware.) And, I panicked. Sheer terror. Why you ask? Because it became abundantly clear that I have work to do. 

Physical, Emotional AND Intellectual.

The good news is I have begun.

I am not so much thinking of this as resolutions. Even though, I guess maybe that is what they are. I kind of like to think I am not really a resolution person, but more that I am the sort that is always setting goals.  I see this as a conscious decision to take time to reflect on who I was and, who I know I am yet to become. Tell me, do you make resolutions? If so, are they comprehensive or vague? Such as get fit vs hire a trainer 2 days a week, take a group x class 1 day a week and stretch at home using YouTube  2 days a week? 

So, why am I doing this? I am writing all of this so that I have a diary of sorts to help me take stock and keep track of my progress. Even though I am fairly private and this feels sort of vulnerable.  (note to self…add take more selfies and feel better about them!)

So, as I am a list maker, I am going to start my list of all things I am determined to work on this year and beyond. (You can check out my list below.)

But, beyond using this medium as a fancy way to make a to do list… I am hoping to journal/chronicle or blog, if you will, my journey. My triumphs, my failures, and even just my daily nothings. I might be journaling recipes, YouTube exercise channels I am loving, new music I have discovered, fashion, or even my latest interest in trying to be a “girl” and learn about make up! (I’m awfully grown up to just start trying to learn about all of this!)

I hope to connect/reconnect with old friends. To make new friends. To have a visual reminder of my daily life. To learn more about myself. To challenge myself. To learn more about others. To be better. 

I look forward to sharing a bit about myself as we go along. And, if you are so inclined, I would love to hear from you.

mad love all! mad, mad love!


My goals for 2019

(be aware…it is sort of dizzying!)

1. eat less processed foods

2. make significant changes to my work out program

3. figure out dietary intolerances

4. consume more plant based protein

5. read more

6. volunteer

7. find quality activities with my farm boy, that do not involve any of our responsibilities

8. increase productivity goals at work

*social media presence

-increased followers

-better images

-more commitment from followers

*finesse new to go packaging

*tighten up staffing

*increase opportunities

9. farm life


*more chicks with pretty eggs


*veggie garden

*increase flower bed in front of house

*have success with lavender!


Welcome to my site!


  1. Hi. I have been trying for a long while to reconnect with Alison Joy who attended St Godricks College Hempstead London She moved to Australia n we lost contact. Is you her or do ypu know her ??


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