“Even children get older. I’m getting older too.”

Thanksgiving in a pandemic. We weren’t, like everyone else, sure what to do. My #farmboy and I have been as careful as we can be. But, we have kids in College and Masters Programs. Do we just leave them to fend for themselves over Thanksgiving? At what point does their mental health and success trump our worries and fears?

We still can not be sure we did the right thing. Everyone was to quarantine for 7-14 days and everyone tested prior to arrival. And they did. And they were all negative, so we proceeded. We won’t know if we made the right decision until we all test negative afterwards. My fingers are crossed.

We had all our kids with us for Thanksgiving. First time all together since Christmas last year. When they were in 1 room I looked around and saw that we had a room filled with young adults. We now range from 18-25. Crazy and wild. And, while we still have struggles when we are all together, we are getting better. And, we all love each other. And, I realized the tide is turning.

I realized that we are now the parents of adults. And that soon we will have sons/daughters in law and grand kids. Soon, one of our kids will want to host a holiday. Soon, we will be so many that getting us all together might not be an option.

And then…. twice today I heard “Landslide” by The Chicks. How is that even possible? When my head was hijacked by life and evolution? Poetic and haunting.

We had a dance party after Thanksgiving to celebrate #farmboys birthday. It was a bit magical. It filled my heart with promise. And, no matter what happens to us all I will cherish this holiday and that dance party for eternity. I will appreciate that I have us all.

I feel for those that were alone this holiday and I send my love. I send my love to those who are sad. Those who are lonely. Those who are hurting.

I will forever and always be thankful for my people. My love. My life.

Much love,


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