I Believe In YOU!

You are beautiful. Inside and Out.

Your blouse is so pretty on you.

Your smile lights up a room.

We all know, or at least I hope we do, the power of a kind word. The light that shines down on us when we feel heard, respected, appreciated, noticed, loved.The energy when we, ourselves, shine kindness on someone else.

It doesn’t matter if those words come from, or are directed to, a family member or a stranger.

It seems like a really great time to remind ourselves of this simple act of kindness. And I believe in you. In us. In the kindness of us as a people.

Today, and tomorrow, and maybe for months and years to come, some might be gloating…some might be feeling defeated and broken..or, just sad. And, people might be quick to say hurtful words. Some might feel the need to lash out in retaliation for those hurtful words. The thing is…we can NOT take the bait.

Instead, we must start a REVOLUTION of kindness. Of Spreading JOY. Of MAKING JOY HAPPEN. You see, “Revolution Never Comes With a Warning”.* Get pumped. “YELL FIRE!” Make JOY. Share JOY.

Defeat haters with peace, love and kind words. In times of struggle is when we see what we are really made of. We must not fight negative rhetoric with more negative rhetoric.

We have a new rescue pup in our house. He just showed up on our doorstep at the farm. He is learning manners. Sometimes it is difficult for him to contain himself when other high energy dogs walk by. After I correct his bad behavior, I remind him that he can not act like that. He MUST set the example. NOT follow. People will just see a motley rescue mutt with behavior issues.

The same goes for us.

I believe in you.

I believe you will be the light in your family. Your community. Our world.

I believe you will say kind words. Share kindness. No matter what is hurled your way.

Make Joy Happen!

Much love!

Enjoy my much loved @Michaelfranti and his message!

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