on a lighter note…

I had a really super great long President’s Weekend, and hope you did too! Sort of last minute my #babygirl and her beau came home for the weekend! Yeah me! She actually said aloud that she wanted to come home and that she missed me! WHAH. Yeah me! 

I must say it is weird to send her back off, traveling, and with a boy. It has always really been just the 2 of us going and doing…flying and laughing. When/how did this happen?

Have I mentioned that I LOVE my girl, hard?!

Anyway, on a lighter/brighter note, after last weeks emotional post, combined with my inability to finish more intense posts that I have started, I got to thinking…this is the perfect time to connect. 

Remember US?

YOU + Me = US?

So, I thought this is the perfect time for us to chat….to get to know each other as people…

So, go make a coffee, or grab a glass of wine (depending on the time of day, silly head! I am not looking to have you drink wine before heading to work), and let’s dish. Let’s do what we would do if we were sitting across from each other as girlfriends and talk. As if we are seeing each other before or after class…or meeting up for a Saturday coffee or a wine after work.

Let’s get some lists going…I look forward to your answers in the comments section, and I can add them here to the post.


All Time Favorite Books:

As a kid I read “Daddy Longlegs” by Jean Webster, a million times

“The Red Tent” by Anita Diament

Book you are reading now:

“The Other Woman” by Sandie Jones (Reese Witherspoon book club), have several others on my nightstand that are on a more intense level, just have to have time to finish this one!

Musical Artists you are totally in love with right now:

Franti forever! Sam Henshaw, Fantastic Negrito

Best online shopping sites


Revolve, Free People, Club Monaco (all on sale!) AND ZARA!!

Kids clothes:


Amazon, Wayfair, Costco…in store, Target

If you could board a plane today, where would you head to?

Almost anywhere. Desperate for a get away. But Europe would be great…or Belize.

Most favorite vacation location?

Hmmmm…can’t choose just one…

St. Martin with #babygirl, Cabo….first trip as a new family, Puerto Vallarta…..first solo trip with my #farmboy

What skin care line do you like?

Cetaphil lotion and face wash

(I have rosacea and have to be super careful.) I love my EO Bodywashes for the shower and I have been trying a few at home face masks, but so worry about flare ups. If you have suggestions, I am clearly listening!

What pampering service can you not live without?

Love me my hair time! Would love to be bale to have facials, but can not with skin sensitivity, have even had to stop waxing my eyebrows and am now trying different methods to assist me in having even brows. Any suggestions?

What makeup could you not go without?

Black eyeliner, brown, black mascara, pale/clear lip gloss

Reading an old timey newspaper or digital?

Old timey all the way!

What is your current favorite recipe? (let’s do a recipe share really soon!)

I have been making a lentil taco with roasted cauliflower crumbles on top and a home made dairy free dressing (sour cream substitute) drizzled over the top. YUMMMMMY!!! I am also WAY into curry and chickpeas….curry of any color! At home, we are eating a lot more plant based. I do still cook chicken for my people (but less and less), and almost no read meat.

Friends, do you have any other topics you want to chat about? Stuff you are dying to know and get opinions/suggestions about? They can be lighthearted or more serious…Comment and let’s dish! As I mentioned above…You add your faves to the comment section and I will add them here to the blog under each category. I am so excited for new inspiration and to get to know everyone better!

mad love all! mad, mad love!

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