And, another birthday….

Well, here I am. Another year older. I made it to another year, and I am one year closer to the next decade. Shit is starting to feel VERY real. And, while this makes me feel a little melancholy, I can not allow myself to feel too sad and here is why…..

I woke up today. All of my parts work. They might feel a little creaky…but they work. My lungs take air. My heart beats. My eyes see, albeit with contacts AND readers!!! My brain functions. I am one lucky girl.

To add to my good fortune… all of our kids are healthy. My mom is healthy. And, my man is healthy.

Beyond all of that…I am in love. I am in love with living and I am in love my man. Everyday I appreciate us more than I did the day before. Everyday I genuinely appreciate him as a man as a partner, as a father, as a step dad, as a brother and friend than I did the day before. He makes me laugh until I can’t open my eyes, and he makes my heart bloom with his kindness.

So while I sit here wondering how I could possibly be the age that I now am, I also appreciate all that I have in life. The good and loving people that are in my life, and all of the good wishes.

And so I guess….another year isn’t so bad after all!

Much love all! Much love! a.-

ps….A quick selfie on my birthday. No filter. No edit. Just me sitting in our loft, with the rubble from our soon to be built kitchen over my shoulder.

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